General F.A.Q

Why is my alarm system beeping?
The system is telling you that service is required for one of several reasons. The two most common reasons are: -the phone line is or had been disconnected for a period of time -the system battery is low or a wireless sensor's battery needs to be replaced

How do I stop the beeping?
GE / Caddx / Intelogic - Enter your code (if you're not at the main menu, press # before your code.)
Bosch/Radionics - Command 4
Honeywell /Ademco - Enter your code then press 1 (off button)

After you have stopped the beeping check for trouble or service conditions...
Check your manual, or find your manual on this website under the "support" heading.

Why is the ready light not on? / Why does my system indicate a fault or "Not Ready to Arm" condition?
A sensor is faulted. A door or window may be open or a sensor may not be working. To identify the faulted zone, do the following:
GE / Caddx / Intelogic - Press the "up arrow" to name the zone (or the zone light will blink on LED keypads.)
Honeywell /Ademco - Press the # key to name the zone (or the zone number will light on LED keypads.)
Bosch/Radionics - (the zone number will light on LED keypads.) If the faulted zone is not indicated... Press the "next" button on the 7212, 9112 and newer systems. Press any numbered key on the older 6112 system.


How do I test my system? How often should I test it?
The manufacturer recommends that you test it on a weekly basis. On our systems you can test the communication link to the monitoring company by pressing two or three buttons on your keypad to initiate a "call-back test." The monitoring company will respond with a non-emergency phone call within about five minutes. All newer ProTech systems automatically send a monthly test signal to the monitoring station. If that signal fails you will benotified with a trouble signal or message on your keypad. You can test door and window contacts on your system by setting the "chime" or "watch" function on and then opening and closing the windows and doors one at a time. To test motion sensors walk (in a perpendicular path) across the direction in which the sensor is facing.

Can I drop my land line?
Yes. Your system will need an alternate way to communicate. Most alternatives do not allow us to remotely access or program your system, which is useful for diagnosing technical problems and making changes or upgrades. The most common alternative is a cellular communicator installed by ProTech.

Will my system work with a VOIP provider, such as Vonage?
Most alarm systems will NOT work reliably with VOIP. At best some signals will be delayed or get lost. Our systems will work with the Comcast version called Digital Voice. Until alarm systems are designed to work with VOIP we recommend that you call us to install a wireless cellular communicator.

How do I add or change an alarm code or password?
Check your manual, or find your manual on this website under the "support" heading.

Why didn't the monitoring station call me when I set off my alarm by accident?
Call them and ask "Did you receive any signals from my account?" If they did not, call us and we will investigate. If you enter a valid code at the keypad a short time after an alarm, some systems will send a "cancel/ abort" signal to the monitoring company and they will cancel the alarm.

What should I do if I'm going out of town?
Call the monitoring company. Update your contact list. You can provide temporary "pass codes" to them for your house or pet sitters in case an alarm needs to be cancelled while you are gone.

How do I update my contact list?
Call the monitoring company and provide them with the names and phone numbers of two or more people you trust with access to your home or business. These people will need a key and keypad code for access to your premises in case they have to meet the police or fire department at your location.